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Louisiana OB assaulted, withheld anesthetic for suturing

Victim Account: A Baton Rouge obstetrician assaulted this mother, then withheld local anesthetic while he sutured her vagina. My doctor physically assaulted me during labour, then denied me anesthetics while he stitched my vagina. * While the nature of the Read More

Abuse, neglect, and separation from newborn in Ohio

Victim Account: This Ohio mother was subjected to abuse and neglect, and was forcibly separated from her newborn for a prolonged period. * Before and after my c-section, I was pushed around, scolded, ignored and laughed at. I PASSED OUT Read More

OB withheld anesthesia as retribution during suturing

Witness Account: After a smooth birth, a Virginia obstetrician repaired the mother’s perineal tear without local anesthesia because he believed the mother deserved it for declining other interventions. * My client had a fast, drug-free birth, caught by a nurse. Read More

Obstetrician forced an episiotomy citing hair colour

Witness Account: A mother in San Antonio Texas suffered a forced episiotomy without anesthetic despite emphatically refusing — because she had red hair. * My client and her husband repeatedly stated NO episiotomy. When the on-call doctor came to deliver Read More

OB lied and drugged a mother for choosing adoption

Victim Account: This Concord, NH obstetrician felt emotional about this mother’s choice to have her son adopted, so she took it upon herself to lie to force treatment, and used drugs to override her experience. * I chose adoption for Read More

Florida OB coerced surgery, added falsehood to record

Victim Account: This mother’s obstetrician threatened fetal death, seemingly without evidence or diagnosis, to coerce major surgery, and misrepresented this as a voluntary choice in her medical record. * My doctor told me that if I didn’t have a 2nd Read More