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Missouri OB secretly forced an induction during an exam

Victim Account: An obstetrician in Columbia, Missouri used a cervical exam to secretly force an induction by tearing the amniotic sac away from this mother’s lower uterine wall. The ordeal ended in major surgery. * At my 28 week appointment Read More

Texas obstetrician played deaf to force an episiotomy

Victim Account: This mother was extremely clear that episiotomy was not permitted, both before and during labour. * My O.B. gave me an episiotomy 2 seconds after I said no, and just hours after we had a long discussion about Read More

Ontario obstetrician used physical torture

Victim Account: Ontario OBGYN used tricks and physical torture to obtain ‘consent’ to manual water breakage In 2018, user ‘savasana’ wrote at (bolding added), Well, I gave birth just over two years ago in a small city in Ontario Read More