VA: physical restraint

Violent uterine gang rape in southern Ontario

Victim Account: An obstetrician manually removed this mother’s placenta with violent force, then did it again while having her victim physically restrained. * Marie McMahon works in mental health and says she suffered symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder after delivering Read More

Obstetric gang rape with object in BC

Victim Account: Medical staff held down this mother’s legs while verbally acknowledging that she was not cooperating as they inserted an instrument into her vagina. * Before Raylene Hrechka gave birth to her first child in British Columbia in 2015, Read More

Obstetric gang rape in Utah

Victim Account: This Salt Lake mother was held down for resisting vaginal penetration. * I was pushed down and held to the bed when I resisted a cervical exam. * While this account doesn’t explicitly state that she was held Read More

Obstetrician openly led a retributive uterine gang rape

Victim Account: This mother describes an obstetrician threatening her baby’s life, then committing a psychotic degree of retributive violence against her, by having her held down and forcing an entire hand into her uterus through her vagina. * After [telling Read More

Serious obstetric psychological abuse in Washington

Victim Account: This mother was severely abused for trying to avoid her abusers. She was also denied pain management, physically restrained, terrorized and drugged. * When my plans for an HBAC [home birth after cesarean] filed the hospital treated me Read More

Obstetric gang rape with object in Chicago IL

Victim Account: Obstetric team physically silenced the victim, held her down to force an unnecessary internal fetal monitor into her body, and accosted her.* An oxygen mask was strapped on my face to quiet my screams of “STOP!” as I Read More