VA: multiple perpetrator sexual assault

Violent uterine gang rape in southern Ontario

Victim Account: An obstetrician manually removed this mother’s placenta with violent force, then did it again while having her victim physically restrained. * Marie McMahon works in mental health and says she suffered symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder after delivering Read More

Obstetric gang rape with object in BC

Victim Account: Medical staff held down this mother’s legs while verbally acknowledging that she was not cooperating as they inserted an instrument into her vagina. * Before Raylene Hrechka gave birth to her first child in British Columbia in 2015, Read More

Staff violently sabotaged and botched third stage of labour

Witness Account: Medical staff pulled on the umbilical against this mother’s wishes, detaching it from the placenta, then made multiple attempts manually remove the placenta, seemingly by force, in what comes off as an extremely violent altercation. * “I’m sorry, Read More

Obstetric gang rape in Utah

Victim Account: This Salt Lake mother was held down for resisting vaginal penetration. * I was pushed down and held to the bed when I resisted a cervical exam. * While this account doesn’t explicitly state that she was held Read More

Obstetrician openly led a retributive uterine gang rape

Victim Account: This mother describes an obstetrician threatening her baby’s life, then committing a psychotic degree of retributive violence against her, by having her held down and forcing an entire hand into her uterus through her vagina. * After [telling Read More

Husband participated in obstetric gang rape

Victim Account: This mother was lied to, abused, coerced, and subjected to multiple-perpetrator sexual assault, in which her husband participated. * 2 unnecessary c-sections through coerced intervention4 midwives + my husband held me down while a Dr forced a violent Read More

Obstetric gang rape with object in Chicago IL

Victim Account: Obstetric team physically silenced the victim, held her down to force an unnecessary internal fetal monitor into her body, and accosted her.* An oxygen mask was strapped on my face to quiet my screams of “STOP!” as I Read More

Obstetric gang rape in Ontario

In 2016, an Ontario woman was physically held down by staff to force painful digital vaginal penetration and breaking of the waters. She was coerced into accepting epidural, and labour ended in major surgery. Then, nurses grabbed her breast and Read More