VA: forced stretch/sweep

Missouri OB secretly forced an induction during an exam

Victim Account: An obstetrician in Columbia, Missouri used a cervical exam to secretly force an induction by tearing the amniotic sac away from this mother’s lower uterine wall. The ordeal ended in major surgery. * At my 28 week appointment Read More

Wisconsin mother abused by both obstetrician and midwife

Victim Account: This mother’s midwife bullied her and forced induction via misrepresentation and membrane sweep. The obstetrician sutured without numbing and forced rectal penetration. * I was bullied for months by my midwife. I was pressured into an “emergency” induction. Read More

Obstetric gang rape in Ontario

In 2016, an Ontario woman was physically held down by staff to force painful digital vaginal penetration and breaking of the waters. She was coerced into accepting epidural, and labour ended in major surgery. Then, nurses grabbed her breast and Read More

Canadian OB forced induction by surprise, twice

Today’s Parent reports a Canadian OB forced an induction via “stretch and sweep” by surprise during an examination. She did it again to the same patient during that patient’s next pregnancy. * Natalie Benanti [name changed] was 39 weeks and Read More