VA: forced manual placenta removal

Violent uterine gang rape in southern Ontario

Victim Account: An obstetrician manually removed this mother’s placenta with violent force, then did it again while having her victim physically restrained. * Marie McMahon works in mental health and says she suffered symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder after delivering Read More

Staff violently sabotaged and botched third stage of labour

Witness Account: Medical staff pulled on the umbilical against this mother’s wishes, detaching it from the placenta, then made multiple attempts manually remove the placenta, seemingly by force, in what comes off as an extremely violent altercation. * “I’m sorry, Read More

Obstetrician extracted infant vaginally in a violent rush

Victim Account: Ignoring orders to stop, a North Carolina obstetrician tore this mother’s flesh with his hands, tore out her placenta manually, stitched without anesthetic, and insulted her in her own medical record. * He inserted both hands, causing tears. Read More