VA: forced episiotomy

Obstetrician forced an episiotomy citing hair colour

Witness Account: A mother in San Antonio Texas suffered a forced episiotomy without anesthetic despite emphatically refusing — because she had red hair. * My client and her husband repeatedly stated NO episiotomy. When the on-call doctor came to deliver Read More

OB forcibly cut open her vagina, then abused her for crying

Victim Account: This mother begged not to be cut. The obstetrician cut her anyway, and then told her to “suck it up and get over it” when the violation made her cry. * I was cut during the pushing phase Read More

Utah Obstetrician forced an episiotomy, citing panic

Victim Account: The obstetrician who attended this mother’s birth forced an episiotomy for the apparent reason that he panicked because she was in pain. * My OB cut my perineum without permission becuase “He saw how much pain I was Read More

Texas obstetrician played deaf to force an episiotomy

Victim Account: This mother was extremely clear that episiotomy was not permitted, both before and during labour. * My O.B. gave me an episiotomy 2 seconds after I said no, and just hours after we had a long discussion about Read More

Obstetrician forced a 4th degree episiotomy

Victim Account: This mother caught the obstetrician attempting to cut an episiotomy without consent, and told her no. The obstetrician responded by forcing an extreme, 4th-degree mutilation. * When I saw my doctor grab scissors, I said no episiotomy. Then Read More

Maryland OB tore flesh with bare hands

An obstetrician in Maryland tore the flesh of a woman’s vulva with his bare hands in lieu of episiotomy. * After refusing an episiotomy, my OP ripped me open with his bare hands, despite me gasping for him to stop.* Read More