VA: falsehood in medical record

Florida OB coerced surgery, added falsehood to record

Victim Account: This mother’s obstetrician threatened fetal death, seemingly without evidence or diagnosis, to coerce major surgery, and misrepresented this as a voluntary choice in her medical record. * My doctor told me that if I didn’t have a 2nd Read More

Obstetrician extracted infant vaginally in a violent rush

Victim Account: Ignoring orders to stop, a North Carolina obstetrician tore this mother’s flesh with his hands, tore out her placenta manually, stitched without anesthetic, and insulted her in her own medical record. * He inserted both hands, causing tears. Read More

Ontario OB forced penetration, pitocin

Victim Account: Victim was denied justice after Ontario OB forced pitocin and digital vaginal penetration, and included falsehoods in medical record.* “My OB gave me pitocin and put her hand inside me. Both after clear refusal of consent and with Read More