VA: Canada

Alberta staff continued surgery despite insufficient anesthetic

Victim Account: A Calgary obstetrician continued cesarean surgery despite anesthetic failure, while her victim screamed continually, and the attending nurses looked on. * More than a year after giving birth in Calgary, Kristina Sweeney says she still suffers PTSD symptoms Read More

Violent uterine gang rape in southern Ontario

Victim Account: An obstetrician manually removed this mother’s placenta with violent force, then did it again while having her victim physically restrained. * Marie McMahon works in mental health and says she suffered symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder after delivering Read More

Obstetric gang rape with object in BC

Victim Account: Medical staff held down this mother’s legs while verbally acknowledging that she was not cooperating as they inserted an instrument into her vagina. * Before Raylene Hrechka gave birth to her first child in British Columbia in 2015, Read More

Obstetric gang rape in Ontario

In 2016, an Ontario woman was physically held down by staff to force painful digital vaginal penetration and breaking of the waters. She was coerced into accepting epidural, and labour ended in major surgery. Then, nurses grabbed her breast and Read More

Canadian OB forced induction by surprise, twice

Today’s Parent reports a Canadian OB forced an induction via “stretch and sweep” by surprise during an examination. She did it again to the same patient during that patient’s next pregnancy. * Natalie Benanti [name changed] was 39 weeks and Read More

Ontario OB forced penetration, pitocin

Victim Account: Victim was denied justice after Ontario OB forced pitocin and digital vaginal penetration, and included falsehoods in medical record.* “My OB gave me pitocin and put her hand inside me. Both after clear refusal of consent and with Read More

Ontario obstetrician used physical torture

Victim Account: Ontario OBGYN used tricks and physical torture to obtain ‘consent’ to manual water breakage In 2018, user ‘savasana’ wrote at (bolding added), Well, I gave birth just over two years ago in a small city in Ontario Read More