VA: breaking water without consent

OB broke waters while mother slept, admitted ill intent

Witness Account: An obstetrician penetrated a mother’s vagina while she was unconscious and broke her water. When challenged, he admitted openly that he would have forced these actions on her regardless of her wishes because he did not believe he Read More

OB threatened discharge, broke waters by force

Victim Account: This first-time mother reports that when she questioned the obstetrician’s decision to manually break her waters, he threatened to discharge her from hospital and then broke her waters by force. * With my first baby I arrived at Read More

Obstetric gang rape in Ontario

In 2016, an Ontario woman was physically held down by staff to force painful digital vaginal penetration and breaking of the waters. She was coerced into accepting epidural, and labour ended in major surgery. Then, nurses grabbed her breast and Read More

Ontario obstetrician used physical torture

Victim Account: Ontario OBGYN used tricks and physical torture to obtain ‘consent’ to manual water breakage In 2018, user ‘savasana’ wrote at (bolding added), Well, I gave birth just over two years ago in a small city in Ontario Read More