Informing the Authorities

Informing the Police in Your Jurisdiction

Sometimes, police are reluctant to investigate assault allegations against medical professionals when the allegations involve maternity care. MASC is currently developing a printable pamphlet for victims to share with police when making their initial reports, to ensure police are thoroughly informed about Canadian criminal law in regard to women’s rights during pregnancy and childbirth. It is MASC’s hope that this effort will assist in streamlining the justice process in cases of obstetric violence, thereby freeing victimized mothers to shift their focus from victimhood to motherhood as quickly as possible.

At MASC, we do not believe it is fair to expect new mothers to shoulder the burden of navigating the legal system and the medical system by themselves during this most vulnerable period of their lives. For this reason, MASC is developing a front-line service to confront obstetric violence in Canada on behalf of victims. We hope to eventually take statements from victims in an official capacity ourselves, as well as obtain their medical records with their consent for use as evidence in criminal proceedings, and liaison with police and/or the Crown to facilitate the pressing of charges against alleged perpetrators, be they doctors, nurses, midwives, or technicians, or other professional maternity caregivers.

Informing the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Your Province

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