Victim Accounts

Alberta staff continued surgery despite insufficient anesthetic

Victim Account: A Calgary obstetrician continued cesarean surgery despite anesthetic failure, while her victim screamed continually, and the attending nurses looked on. * More than a year after giving birth in Calgary, Kristina Sweeney says she still suffers PTSD symptoms Read More

Violent uterine gang rape in southern Ontario

Victim Account: An obstetrician manually removed this mother’s placenta with violent force, then did it again while having her victim physically restrained. * Marie McMahon works in mental health and says she suffered symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder after delivering Read More

Obstetric gang rape with object in BC

Victim Account: Medical staff held down this mother’s legs while verbally acknowledging that she was not cooperating as they inserted an instrument into her vagina. * Before Raylene Hrechka gave birth to her first child in British Columbia in 2015, Read More

Louisiana OB assaulted, withheld anesthetic for suturing

Victim Account: A Baton Rouge obstetrician assaulted this mother, then withheld local anesthetic while he sutured her vagina. My doctor physically assaulted me during labour, then denied me anesthetics while he stitched my vagina. * While the nature of the Read More

Abuse, neglect, and separation from newborn in Ohio

Victim Account: This Ohio mother was subjected to abuse and neglect, and was forcibly separated from her newborn for a prolonged period. * Before and after my c-section, I was pushed around, scolded, ignored and laughed at. I PASSED OUT Read More

OB withheld anesthesia as retribution during suturing

Witness Account: After a smooth birth, a Virginia obstetrician repaired the mother’s perineal tear without local anesthesia because he believed the mother deserved it for declining other interventions. * My client had a fast, drug-free birth, caught by a nurse. Read More

Staff violently sabotaged and botched third stage of labour

Witness Account: Medical staff pulled on the umbilical against this mother’s wishes, detaching it from the placenta, then made multiple attempts manually remove the placenta, seemingly by force, in what comes off as an extremely violent altercation. * “I’m sorry, Read More

OB broke waters while mother slept, admitted ill intent

Witness Account: An obstetrician penetrated a mother’s vagina while she was unconscious and broke her water. When challenged, he admitted openly that he would have forced these actions on her regardless of her wishes because he did not believe he Read More